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Subject:    Re: Trekkies for the Humane Treatment of Mary Sues
Date:       Sun, 27 Aug 2000 18:04:05 GMT
From:       bs@boog.orgy (Arthur Levesque)
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One of my big regrets was that I never got to meet Cronan in
person.  We corresponded a lot about a variety of things (he used to ask 
me about work, school, girls, and so on; I was also one of the people he 
sent his MiSTings to for comment before posting them, and used to help 
him out at first when he started doing song parodies) for a long time, 
even though we'd poke fun at each other in the newsgroups (and laugh at 
each other's digs privately).

When the WorldCon went to Baltimore and Cronan wanted to attend, but 
couldn't afford a hotel room, he remembered that I lived in Baltimore -- 
and we made arrangements for him to crash on the couch in my living room. 
I sent him my address, directions, and so on; he sent me a picture of him 
(which he made me swear never to put on-line or give anyone) so I'd 
recognize him.  But, unfortunately, he had to cancel and never did make 
it to WorldCon...

And when one of my computers died last year, I lost his picture and 
all of our saved correspondences.  Of all the things on my hard drive 
that I lost, that hurt me the most...

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