Barney and Catholicism

(Cronan Thompson)

james edward mc hie wrote

>However I know I can back my statement up. My wife is the Director of a
>local Catholic Day care in small-town Indiana and every time those kids
>put a video in they want Barney. My wife hates Barney and loathes buying
>Barney videos for the day care center, but the kids think that big stupid
>dinosaur is the Second Coming or something.

See this is all the proof I need that Catholicism is brainwashing. Let's look at the similarities between Catholics and Barney fans:

1) Two people got together, made some stuff up and they have become rich spreading the word.

2) Most are indoctrinated while young and lead to believe that others choices other than those presented are non-existent. Those that refuse to share and care your way are to beaten to death, stoned, burned, etc.

3) Overly simple solutions to complex problems are presented by a fictitious character who, depending upon the contrast on your television, appears to vary in color.

4) Both are avoided by people who value their children's ability to think.

5) Both faiths require you ignore reality and use your carefully guided imagination to reach a goal where subservience and donations (in form of merchandising) are given freely without care for the good things that can be done in this world.

6) Men who would otherwise be gawked at in their strange costumes head both religions

7) Catholicism is to computers as Barney is to WebTV

>Barney not only is popular, but his popularity has survived the typical
>flash-in-the-pan lifespan may mean that his status with this generation of
>kids will certainly rival the way 20-somethings view their favorite
>childhood icons. Get ready folks, 'cause the Barney movie may even get a

Barney the Messiah? "Barney and Jesus team up to kick the sh*t out of Satan!! Bring your kids!"

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