Me and My Cancer

(Cronan Thompson)

From:         "nanorc" <>
Subject:      Me  and my Cancer (the Usenet trailer)
Date:         02 Jun 1999 00:00:00 GMT
Organization: If only you knew
Message-ID:   <7j3vve$h$>

That's right.

Stop the presses!

Your formerly friendly, no longer neighborhood based (hell, no
longer Cronan) has been diagnosed (and confirmed even!!!!!) to
have the lymphatic cancer known gaily to the world at large as
Hodgkin's Disease.

What's this you say?



Typing, never having been a strong suit of mine - BWA HA HA -
has actually become a bit of a chore (what with my hands
feeling like a silly putty frappe most of the time now) but
Chapter 1 of _Me and my Cancer_, entitled "Chapter 1: Hey,
It's Just That Himalayan Flu That's Going Around, Really!",
is coming to a


[Just very slowly and very poorly typed.]

(Posilootly guaranteed to make STAR WARS: THE PHANTOM
MENACE - which I haven't seen, btw - look like a Junior
High School Thingamabob[1]!)

"To die will be an awfully big adventure."
- James M. Barrie, _Peter Pan_

[1] Possibly even a Whatchamightcallitif! [2]

[2] No future articles on this subject will grace/disturb*; if you wanna see the show's opening
folks you'll have to trot on over to afb or aft-s[3]
and buy a ticket just like everyone else

[3] And later chapters, not being in the spirit of Servo,
won't appear there[4]

[4] Such as "Chapter 15: Chemo hurts like a Motherfucker"

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