Down with Teen Movie Critic!

Original post: Mike
Wackylaced once by Mortis
Double-wackylaced by Cronan Thompson

Subject:    Re: RANT: Down with Teen Movie Critic (again)!
From:       "Cronan"
Date:       Tue, 26 Jan 1999
Message-ID: <78lrit$dnq$>

Mortis wrote some guy calling himself Mike wrote some of the following:
>>I feel so much better now that you have shown me the light.  Do you think

>about dinosaurs much?  I know I do!  I like the big ones.  Is it true

that they bite?  Gee, I hope not.  I don't to get bitten.  Well if they do

>>that I should have just wrote that everyone should just calm down?  That is

>so blatantly obvious that I didn't think of it.  "Are you gay?" is

what I keep asking myself.  I keep refusing to answer my own questions. It's

>>an honest question not sarcasm.  Or maybe I should have wrote that I also

>do not believe you are gay.  But gay people are OK!  In this case, I

just don't know if the wonderful world of 'gayity' is for me.  I wish I

>>understood the girl's point of view, however I just thought that she should

>show more interest in dinosauria.  They are so cool!  Should my mother

be my inspiration to be gay?  Do you think that if I were gay I'd

>>take some more time and effort when rating a movie?  Now feel free to cut

>my assorted genitalia off.  Wait, no.  Please remember not to take

my left testicle.  That's my favorite.  Wait!  Please don't insult or put

>>down everything I said.  You will probably do it anyways.

 & Mike

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