Who is D-- T-----?

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Date:       Sat, 31 Jul 1999
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Sorry I'm late...

dt-----, in an attempt to drive us all mad, wrote some
of the following:
> Otto who am i? Complex question. I am just going to stick to

the fly paper I've inserted in my rectum.  That just me being

> D-- T-----
> I am male age 33. Born 6/4/66. Single with no children. I do have

several contagious diseases, however. I got them from what I thought was

> a cat.
> My hobby is television. Second hobby is the usenet. I pretty much

can't count beyond 2.  This is but one of the many excuses for why I

> have merged both hobbies into one. I love posting about what i

will never understand.  Which is why I post so often about what I

> watch on tv and about tv in general. I also post to the gossip

when I can find my nuts.  Sometimes they just up and leave.  But they return in

> groups and to rec.music.country.western since i love female

squirrels.  Ocassionally I like to dress them up as famous transvestite

> country singers. I also love gossip. I also post to other groups

which will tolerate my general lameness.  And even those that don't

> occassionally.
> I am rather opinionated but i try not to be offensive. JMS though

is a big meanie.  But when you have people licking your asshole

> its hard not to be.
> I also love going down to the mall every weekend. Also every

Sunday I go to church and feel-up the nuns.  They're soft. And every

> weekend morning i go to a local fleamarket where i play Magic

with a mannequin named George.  He's hard and doesn't know life is

> (a card game).
> I do have a FAQ which i posted about 10 months ago. Sadly i never

could figure out how to work a computer.  If I had I might well have

> saved a copy but i know someone around here has saved a copy. I

once got lost in the bathtub and found a man in purple spandex. I

> am not sure who though. Could the person who saved it repost

pictures of that cuddily man? I've just got to have him and

> it please :)
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