Cronan's Fornigate Rant #2

(Cronan Thompson)

From:         "Plain and Simple Cronan" <>
Subject:      THE APOCALYPSE IS UPON US!!!!!!
Date:         29 Jan 1998 00:00:00 GMT
Message-ID:   <6ap60h$>
Organization: Wierd
Newsgroups:   alt.impeach.clinton,alt.politics.clinton,alt.religion.kibology,

Having become a virtual addict to the Fornigate scandal I must say that I
thought nothing could surprise me. I was under the impression that after the
son of the lady who suggested that Linda Tripp might want to record her
conversations with someone who was possibly having an affair with someone in
the White House they were out of new people to draw into the fold.

I was VERY, VERY wrong.

Apparently Monica Lewinsky's mother's book is about the sex life of those
fat singing bastards people call The Three Tenors. In that book she claims
that Kathy Lee Gifford[!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!] had an affair with one of those fat
bastards before she married *her* cheating-heart hubby Frank. (We know that
this is true because Kathy Lee took time from her busy schedule of enslaving
children in South America to deny it on her show.) So to sum it all up Kathy
Lee made sweet love to a person whose lurid personal life was chronicled in
a book by the chick who blew the president!



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