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Original post: Jay Denebeim
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Subject:      Re: Babylon/Crusade Hate Page
Date:         Tue, 2 Feb 1999 01:49:53 -0500
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Jay Denebeim wrote
>Not really, no.  Most of them haven't cracked a book in their life, or
just pretend not to.  Those Trekkies are always plotting something...
>at least you'd think that from their behaviors.  They've certainly not
felt the RUSH of being bound in leather to a 300 pound woman who has
>attended a science fiction convention, or if they did they had a
horrible time trying to get air from underneath her, hence their
>miserable time.  We just invite boreing people like writers and
whores and S&M specialists.  Unfortunately, all of those whores are
>scientists, never any cool people like actors.  Also, when I use the
buttplug Cheryl gave me my thoughts drift to, for lack of a better
>term 'fandom' without a qualifier before it, I'm referring to science
whores and the occasional 23 year old with a bad complexion, that's
>fiction fandom.  Until Star Trek came along there wasn't really
any reason for me to rub my television against my nads.  Not that
>anything to be a fan of other than science fiction, so the qualifiers
mean nothing!  Outside of my little world, nothing exists!  Differences
>are there to distinguish the difference.
Cheryl's Bitch,
and Cronan (who wants to be Cheryl's bitch)
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...why is it that all the obese, strange looking white guys get all
   the corpulent lesbian black chicks?

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