Thoughts on Immortality

(Cronan Thompson)

You know, with the advances in geriatrics, one must wonder at what point peoples minds will be full. At some point the storage capacity of the human will must be reached (for it cannot infinite)and my only question is: what then? Will our minds, like our harddrives, be overwritten? Can you get a compresion utility for your brain? What about a trash can/recycling bin? Of course this begs the question: What exactly happens when one of those compressed files is corrupted? Would you remember stuff that never happened? Being a big "Highlander" fan, I must wonder about all those immortal guys have managed to keep such great memories of the last 5000 years. Everything they remember is in vivid and colorful 3-D. I am 17 and can't remember last week in vivid 3-D, but that is beside the point. This might also be a starting point for the cure to Alzheimer's. Think about. It could just be that these people were born with a really small harddrive. At about fifty their brain is full. By sixty they store more stuff over other stuff, overwritting it. Watching one hour long TV show could erase remembering to put on pants before leaving the house. Of course there is the possiblity of cybernetics, but do any of us really want to go to the hassle of loading a backup everytime we want to remember how to use the bathroom?

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