JMS Meets Cronan

(Cronan Thompson)

From:         "Plain and Simple Cronan" <>
Subject:      Re: Crusade: A Fiscal Repackaging of B5
Date:         12 May 1998 00:00:00 GMT
Message-ID:   <6jahvq$k9l$>
Organization: Wierd

Jms at B5 wrote

>If you feel so strongly about your opinions, which you shove around
>as if they mattered, then you should be prepared to stand behind them.
>You search out my posts by my name and twist them around, why not
>give us the same luxury by giving us your real name?

I am disappointed in you. My real name is Cronan Maliki Jamel Thompson.
Cronan Maliki Jamel. I have posted this on numerous occasions. It is
unusual, I'll grant you, but my mother has a penchant for such things.
My brother is Imani DeJesus(Faith in Jesus) and my sister Shari Aseba
(a river in Africa). The only one of us with a 'normal' name would be
my brother Christopher Manly. He is named after my great-grandfather.
Again, this is irrelevant to the points YOU raised oh so long ago.

I will offer up to you my private telephone number so that you may call
me. It would be an honor to speak with you. I was planning on coming to
WorldCon but my erudition must take precedence. I honestly wished to
meet you face to face but a phone call will do.

>Either you believe in the rightness of your opinions, in which case you
>should have no problem standing behind them, or you do not, in which
>case you are a coward.  Which is it?

How dare you. You, who would cower behind the moderators. You, who would
take up a bunker mentality towards all criticisms. You, who would throw
about accusations of plagiarism knowing that they have been thrown
unjustly at you.... Call ME a coward?

You shame yourself.

> jms

You are not the man you once were.

Then again perhaps you never were.

. . . where ignorance is bliss,
'Tis folly to be wise. - Thomas Gray

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