The Khan-Wilson-Wonder Woman Conspiracy

(Brendan Dillon and Cronan Thompson)

Fellow citizens of the Oligarchy, we have uncovered yet another Star Trek conspiracy while watching a crappy Wonder Woman movie at 2:30 in the morning. You heard it here first: Khan Noonian Singh is the long lost brother of Wilson from Home Improvement.

It all started in the mid to late twentieth century, when a genetic engineering experiment produced a race of superhumans, led by Khan and Wilson. Khan was given superior intelligence, strength, cunning, and other abilities. Wilson, however, was separated after only memory improvements, and raised in Detroit. Khan grew to be a harsh ruler of most of the world, while his brother spent most of his adulthood giving advice to his idiot neighbor. This explains Wilson's incredible, though trivial, knowledge.

And now we come to the proof. First of all, in the Wonder Woman movie, Ricardo Montalban played an evil boss whose face was constantly hidden conveniently behind shadows, beams, or the side of his chair -- much like Wilson. Second, you will notice the similarities between Tim Allen's grunt and Captain Kirk's "KHAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!" scream. Lastly, Wonder Woman's invisible airplane obviously has a cloaking device stolen from the Klingons.

Hopefully the truth of this conspiracy is becoming clear to you now. If not, then watching Wonder Woman at 2:30 in the morning should numb your mind down to our level.

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