Muppet/Star Trek Crossover Imminent!

(Cronan Thompson)


Found in Reuters-Variety:

Today it was announced at a joint PBS/UPN press conference that several Sesame Street characters would be involved in the first ever Muppet/ST crossover. Apparently due to Voyager's sagging rating and PBS' funding problems, the show will center around some sort of conflict. Jeri Taylor is reported to have said, "Mulgrew and Ms. Piggy are likely to play sisters. Their onscreen and onset chemistry was clear to all of us." She went on to say that several times Mulgrew was mistakenly packed in Ms. Piggy's box and hauled back to Henson Studios. "It was embarassing of course," adds a befuddled Beltran. "Several times I found myself wondering a loud which acted more like a styrofoam puppet."

"We have got some spectacular effects planned for this episode," noted Rick Berman, the show's Executive Hack. "In one scene, Piggy and Janeway wrestle in hot oil while nude CGI statues writhe in the background." When asked why they were writhing, Mr. Berman became livid. "Who the hell knows? Statues always writhe in Science Fiction. Remember 'Gamera, Guardian of the Earth?'"

Bunsen and Beaker have been said to be very interested in the shuttle production process. Said Beeker, "Bebebeep, beeeppoeedeeop." I think that about sums up all our questions on that nebulous issue. The Swedish Chef is rumored to have a scene with Neelix. This validity of this rumor has been placed in doubt after several studies showing that children under the age of 12 were afraid of Neelix.  Plans for Kermit T. Frog to appear were scrapped after his recent run in with LAPD officers, during which he was charged with a DUI and Indecent Exposure. Apparently he was licking himself.

Industry insiders indicate that Voyager may be attempting to draw in younger viewers who are flocking to books for the first time after watching Voyager. Several of the producers have hinted, off the record, that Elmo, the most popular Sesame Street character, will replace Ensign Harry Kim (played by Garrett Wang). The buzz is that since Tickle Me Elmo out sold the Harry Kim figure 1000 to 1 last Christmas, the kiddies will tune in.

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