Chris' continuing obsession with me

(Cronan Thompson)

From:         "Plain and Simple Cronan" <>
Subject:      Chris' continuing obession with me
Date:         27 Mar 1998 00:00:00 GMT
Message-ID:   <6fgdfl$>
Organization: Wierd

Chris Spencer wrote

> Why are you so obsessed with your ego trip?

My ego is perfectly healthy. Large perhaps. Leading me afoul sometimes. But
it is mine and never ever has it lead me to believe that it is my duty to
change someone else's behavior in a forum where I have no power to do so.

> Have you no

Let's leave that aside. Since you have a degree from Usenet University in
psychoanalysis, please tell what it means when someone 'follows' another
person about pissing on their rug like a sick puppy?

> Why are you so obsessed with insulting people?  Do you have to
>tear them down to make you feel good about yourself?

Everyone's gotta have a hobby. Mine happens to be more brutal than most. My
challenge of a physcial contest still stnads to anyone willing to take me up
on it. Right now airline rates are pretty low. You fly here, if you can
physically best me I will not only pay your return trip but publicly admit
on the Usenet that I was so very, very wrong. What do you say Chris?
BEEEFCAKE! BEEEEFCAKE! Do you wanna test my resolve or continue to stalk me

> Like I've said before, either you'll learn to treat ALL people with
>respect, even if you disagree with them on every point, or I will continue
>to point out your mistakes and your immaturity.  I'm doing what your mother
>should've done a long time ago.  I'm giving you a spanking (however etherial
>it may be) whenever you act up.

What is this obession you have with my mother and my ass? Please stay out
of, off of and generally away from both topics if you please. They are rather
personal and I would rather my stalker keep his eyes on the golden
ring (which is not around my mother or my ass).

> You've been behaving rather well over the past couple of weeks, but
>since you've dissed me before about Titanic, I thought I'd slam the point
>home one more time that YOU WERE WRONG.

I am of a differing opinion you assmuncher. One cannot be wrong in their
assessment of a movie. Beyond the indisputable fact that the ship sunk at
the end, which I have not yet decided to state (and if I did I could argue it
more concvincingly than you could the contrary). See it's called an opinion
because the only thing that makes it valid is support. I offered lotsa good
reasons to dislike Titanic. Lotsa of them. None of them are in anyway
related to popular opinion (for or against). Which is all your argument
consists of. Despite your qualifying statements, you insist that because the
overwhelming majority like Titanic, it must be good. My opinion. I happen to
like it.  I think I'll keep it until a better one comes along.

One which I can defend to the end because I... well I'm smarter than you
are. I mean I'm the one whose on the usenet looking all buff. BEEFCAKE!

>Get used to it Cronan.  You may be able to
>bluster and act like a total fucking jerk to cover your mistakes with
>others, but I will never EVER let you get away with it.  Get it, boy?

Why is it that I attract looney tooney bastards? What is it about me? Do I
give off some kind of scent? Perhaps I should bathe twice a day. Or maybe
it's the hair. I have bad hair. Maybe they want to comb out my dredlocks or
something. I dunno. Whatever it is I gotta change it before Steven Brinich
and Chris Spencer join forces.

...if they stood together and hated at the same time I would burst into
flames from its sheer magnitude

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