Shatner was paid 100G to talk about dead wife

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Subject:    Re: Shatner was paid 100G to talk about dead wife
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Date:       Tue, 24 Aug 1999 
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Dan Tropea wrote
> I am torn by this. The National Enquirer paid William

Jefferson Clinton to strip down to his BVDs yet they charged

> Shatner 100 grand to talk to them about his late wife.
> He  stated:

"It's unfair," proclaimed a distraught Shatner.

> ""I fought and fought to save my wife from the

monsters living in the closet, not to mention the

> serpent of alcohol  he told the tabloid, "but I failed."
> Well the money is going to help set up a center for alcohol

ics who, after watching all of Shatner's movies need

> rehabilitation. " Although he is worth 20 million.
> An irate friend of theirs is irate claiming that he should

be irate abour the irations. The monster thinks he should

> have used his own money instead of talking to the tabloids.

The monster said, "I told him not to buy that alcohol serpent."

> Shatner wanted to set the record straight and thats why

he ironed his LPs.  His brains told his lips to move and that's why

> he talked.

Some say that Jesus may somehow be involved.  That why

> He also had filed for divorce a short time before.

No one knows from who.

> On one hand the money is going to charity and its a

none of my damn business but I like to think I have

> good cause. But he should have declined the money period.

I mean, shouldn't grief completely superceed all grief?

> He also should have made just a public statement and not

made any charitable donations. Why is it the voices keep telling me to

> just talk to the Enquirer. This is not the time for

bathing!  I just had one a decade ago. When I spin a top I go for

> spin control or setting the record straight.
> But then maybe he is doing what he thinks is right.

Or he could think that he is doing what is wrong. Who knows?

> Although still accepting that money was not a good

move if he killed her.  This post was WWS' and jdn'

> idea and just seemed innappropriate.
> Article is:



Nanorc're getting better, Dan

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