My shrink is really pissing me off now

Original post: luvsmycat
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Subject:    Re: My shrink is really pissing me off now
From:       "Cronan"
Date: Fri,  8 Jan 1999
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luvsmycat wrote some of what this once was:
>hi captain --
>forgive me for intruding here, cause i don't know if i've spoken to you on

top of old smokey, all covered with pizza cheese, but i'm not really on

>the newsgruop yet, and i'm hoping my response doesn't upset you, cause its

not terribly bright and i though i betray my ignorance it's really, really

>not intended to....BUT --
>i wish that my therapist WOULD tell me things like that -- instead we get

to rollin' around in grease paints and then we talkabout my feelings.  he's

>all psychoanalytical etc etc etc and i just fall into this world that makes

me wear tight leather underwear with garters and a wip in my bum.  i find

>it very easy for me to stay isolated.  it will be a miraculous day when i

finally get all that grease paint out of my pubic hair.  it'll be soon that i

>can say i have two really good friends in my life, even a boyfriend, and

someone to pull that god damn whip out of my ass!  that's secondary to the fact

>that when i need to talk to someone, or find someone to have fun with, that

i call 900 numbers and talk to someone from eddore.  i really wish i could

>i have someone around to talk to or have fun with.
>part of my pain is because i am alone and am scared to join the world some

where else.  i really wish my computer, printer and keyboard could somehow do

>more.  i'm wondering if you're 't' is just thinking that your depression

is caused by the laws of supply and demand (no one demanding you supply sex) and

>will do better if you become more active and participate in life

without actually touching and catching all those nasty diseasals. I want so much

>more....anyway, that's what i was thinking when i read your post --- but its

not really a thought because thinking is something I can't do. It is, however,

>meant in the most non-judgemental, completely 100% 'i can relate to you'

sort of way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way


(sorry about the stutter my way button got stuck)

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>and the enemy of growth.

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