Americans Are SMART TWO!

(Cronan Thompson)

From:         Plain and Simple Cronan <>
Subject:      Americans are SMART TWO! (was Re: Coercive Birth Control in China)
Date:         08 Jan 1998 00:00:00 GMT
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Organization: That would imply we were organized
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Geoff C. Marshall wrote:

> So, you think Americans should not judge....

Yup. We leave that to our less successful 'allies'. LEt them do all the
judging. We'll bomb the shit out of the winners... so long as they are
brown people. We don't like bombing light skinned people. They clash with
the flames.

> What about the *REST* of us ? 

Do you have a bigger, more effective army? No!?
Do you have an inbred philandering hick leading you? No?

Then shut up. We're in charge now. Get over it. 

> This is an
> international forum used by many different
> nationalities.

Only because we feel like letting you play with us. 

>  It wasn't "Americans".

Everything was done by Americans. Well.... that whole holocaust thing
wasn't us... but we did some good work on the Indians! And judging from
Washington, D.C. we're working overtime on those black folks too. 

> So, cast the beam out of your own eye.....

Superman is American too...

> I think we understand enough of it for that.
> What makes you think we don't understand ?

You're not American.

> What is it that it is important for us to
> understand ?

You people are always making up those funny languages to confuse good,
honest, hardworking Americans. Everyone knows French was invented by the
Spanish to throw us off their evil plans. And lets not talkabout that
freakish hybrid langauge people in 'Great'(HA!) Britian try to pass off
as a real tongue.

> It was an extremely arrogant thing to *assume*
> that that was what was happening wasn't it ?

Yes, it was. But I am an American DAMMIT

Damn foreigners. We give you BAYWATCH and what do we get in return?
Diddly, that's what.

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