A Fellow Poster Has Passed Away

Wackylaced by The Witch of Endor

From:       <thewitch@unagi.cybernothing.org>
Subject:    Re: Sad news: A fellow poster has passed away
Date:       02 Nov 1999 00:00:00 GMT
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Newsgroups: alt.fan.tom-servo

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In alt.fan.tom-servo Dan Tropea <dtropea@ctron.com> mostly wrote:

: Yesterday a fellow poster passed away known to these

USDA-types as the "New Four Food Groups".  The categories for these 

: four groups as Plain and Simple Cronan aka Cronan aka

aka.  I'm easily confused, hence my humiliation when he returned as 

: Nanorc. I don't know how one can mourn the loss of a

hairpiece but Bill Shatner's willing to teach me.  He says he's my 

: friend and fellow poster through the usenet but I do know

I want to learn to post pantsless.  Though Cronan would gag, I know 

: that I want to share with the rest of you my feelings and

sexual fantasies.  'kay?  I hope the rest of you have these

: thoughts. I also hope that people will also share their

chewing gum with me.  It helps me makes sense of these dirty

: thoughts and feelings. Too many times people just vanish

when I introduce myself.  And now it happens with people

: from the usenet and we never know what happened to them

since they won't tell me where they live.  

<massive snippage, sorry but I have my limits>

Cronan, wherever you are, I know you're still kicking ass and making people
crazy by challenging their comfort zones.  I'll miss you.[1] 

"I have tamed men of iron in my day, shall 
I not easily crush these men of butter?"
    - Ferdinand Alvarez de Toledo, Duke of Alba


[1] For the atheists who are offended by my belief in an afterlife and
anyone who gets upset that I whacky-laced a tribute to Cronan, I will
only say if I offended you then I count my homage to Cronan a success.

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