Y2K Is A Leap Year!

(Cronan Thompson)

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Subject:      Re: The Y2K bug, and what it won't do [Re: The Y2K Bug---What would Asimov think?]
Date:         14 Jul 1998 00:00:00 GMT
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Richard Church wrote
>It's 28 years.  There are these pesky little things called leap years.
>You really don't know anything about Y2K, do you?

Stop the PRESSES!


Reuters - Until today scientists had simply forgotten to remember that the
year 2000 is divisible by four. "We'd just been busy," said one shame-faced
scientist, "trying to, you know, cure cancer and AIDS. Now we'll stop all
that and start working on long division." The shockwave caused by this
mathematical discovery has left many politicians scrambling to stay ahead of
the coming crisis. Former Senator Dole went on record as saying, "GIMME A

Many others are equally upset about this strange and unexpected event.
Pat Robertson has gone on record as saying, "Homosexuals caused this most
holy year to leap. Watch out for meteors." Sen. Strom Thurmond(R) of South
Carolina has released but one sentence, "I'm gonna live forever and a day you
bastards." The implications of all this discovery might mean to humanity are
still being analyzed but a few researchers at NASA's JPL facility have
anonymously told us of several plans under way to combat the year 2000. One
plan involved adding roughly 2 minutes to each day during 1999 and 2000. This
was dismissed as people would have to reset their VCRs and clock radios
everyday. Another, more universally accepted, plan involves nuking France.
"We figure they're probably behind it anyway," screamed one angry young
scientist. The most controversial is to simply sleep the day away. "I need to
tinkle," added my 3 year-old daughter.

Future updates are coming.

...all I'm saying is that Tipper Gore looks a lot like the Y2K bug

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