A Plain and Simple Series, #13

A thought, and a discovery

(Cronan Thompson)


        Janeway needs to get layed. ....Hold on a
minute. Before you skip this article listen. Kirk had a
couple of girls every season. Picard had a babe every
other season. Even depression personified (read: Sisko)
has a babe to replace his long dead wife. Why can't
Janeway, the most attractive captain (from the
heterosexual male POV), get a hunk every now and then?
Not Chakotay either. If men and women are supposedly
equal then why can't Janeway have sexual escapades like
other captains and still have her crews respect.
Probaly the lame twentieth century mentality of the
writers. Woman who likes sex = slut. Guy who will sleep
with anything that walks (in ST that is especially
telling) = hero jock stud. I say give Janeway a MAN. Or
a woman. Peferably an alien.

        A strange occurence threw me from my high horse
today. As I sat back thinking new ways to be
cantankerous, troublesome, and malicous when my
troubled psyche (or what's left of it) put 3 and 2
together and made 12. In other words, as I was
wandering the tundra that is my soul I realized that
the best of Voyager is better than the best of DS9!
Why? I think it has to do with what each show has tried
to put together. Voyager seems a true outgrowth of TNG
and TOS. Going where no one as gone before, meeting new
civilization and all that stuff. That storyline leaves
many story lines open but also sets up several pitfalls
in the process. When Voyager sidesteps those holes
(which is all to rare) they manage to turn out
wonderful stories with the established characters.
DS9's premise doesn't allow for the dashing and
intrepid exploration that Voyager does. Since DS9 is
more stationary (inspite of the Defiant) it doesn't
have the tools for bug exploration week in and week
out. They have to come back to the station every now
and then ruining any long term exploration theme. In
its place is more internal dissection (sounds painful
and often is) and exploration of a single culture than
Voyager, who must continue moving, can do.
        The average and worst episodes of each show
seem a different story. Voyager is either extremely
good (when they not only sidestep the traps but leap
over them) or extremely bad (when they fall into a
really obvious trap with blinking lights and break a
leg). DS9 is on a more on an even keel. When it's bad
it ain't all that bad (Rapture) and when it is good it
ain't all that great (The Darkness and the Light).
        Anyone care to expound on or disagree with the

"What's funny in these summer action flicks is
that the good guys never miss, and the bad guys
never hit anything. Even if they're special forces
trained ninjas from outer space their best shot
always is 3 inches from Billy hero's head."
-- I don't know who said it but it is damn funny
Capt. Cronan Thompson

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