The Cochrane Collection

Various articles by Cronan Thompson

Long, long ago, in a galaxy far away, Cronan and I were Star Trek fanboys. Usenet was mostly unknown to us, and we wanted an outlet to write stuff about Trek and other issues that struck our fancy, so we created a newsletter/e-RPG known as the USS Zefram Cochrane Newsletter (later Starbase Newsletter).

This series is rated "F" for "Fanboy." Some of the first few articles were written before Cronan even started on Usenet, and his disillusionment with Star Trek was in its pre-natal stages. As the series goes on you will notice changes in his attitudes (and his writing). OTOH, not all of the articles are about Trek anyway. Some of these articles also appear on the main page of the Tribute to Cronan.

  1. The addiction
  2. Cronan's Introduction
  3. The Worf-Pooh Conspiracy
  4. Why I Watch Voyager
  5. Predictions for upcoming episodes
  6. OJ Simpson and Star Trek; and thoughts on Berman
  7. ST and B5 are failing our youth!
  8. When the Borg Encounter Voyager....
  9. My grandmother and I could kick the Borg's collective ass!
  10. He Who Is Trek
  11. Clinton is a Betazoid
  12. An Open Letter to Paramount
  13. A thought, and a discovery
  14. 68 Reasons Why Sisko is the Best Captain
  15. Review of DS9 "The Begotten"
  16. GCS vs. ISD: Why these arguments should end
  17. Biblical Science Fiction
  18. Why I Should Be Voyager's Head Writer
  19. DS9 "Business as Usual" and "A Simple Investigation"
  20. Review of DS9 "Ties of Blood and Water"
  21. Translation for the Bullshit Impaired
  22. Thoughts on FTL travel
  23. Things I Will Do If I Am Ever The Hero
  24. Lust in Space: Another bullshit translation
  25. Voyager review
  26. Cronan for President in 2478
  27. The four captains
  28. Norman Returns (VOY: "Scientific Method")
  29. VOY "Concerning Flight" Or: I Floss With Pudding!
  30. Star Trek's Messiah
  31. Janeway's growth
  32. B5: A Future History of Whoop Ass
  33. Godzilla as a tragic comedy
  34. The Unabomber, Smurfs and Saving Private Ryan
  35. Variety Extra
  36. Borg Breasts

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