A Plain and Simple Series, #14

68 Reasons Why Sisko is the Best Captain

(Cronan Thompson)


68 Reason's Sisko is the best Star Trek captain
By Capt. Cronan Thompson

1. When insulted by Q he punched him
2. When klingons attack him he not only kicks there ass
but gets them to surrender
3. His son isn't a snot nosed geek
4. His XO wears a cool earing
5. He has never, ever been split into a good and evil
6. After being crtically wounded he still has a sense
of humor
7. Janeway worshiped a god. Kirk fought a god. Picard
became a god. Sisko has done all three withstyle.
8. His Makes Southern Baptists Preachers jealous
9. Can lay out a guilt trip like no other
10. Hasn't been beaten in hand to hand combat.
11. Drinks Klingon Coffee (rakatajino) instead Earl
Grey or wimpy human coffee.
12. First Officer has never betrayed the Federation
13. Has a Doctor that doesn't mind killing a couple of
Klingons before breakfast.
12. One word: Defiant
13. Sisko's girl came back even though it meant a jail
14. After a Klingon killed his friend, Sisko kicked his
ass really hard
15. He and his crew took on a Klingon fleet.
16. His enigineer never had to go to the academy
because he is SOOOOOO good.
17. He can out Ferengi the Ferengi.
18. His science officer has found anomalies boring.
19. He lost his true love to the Borg not some wimpy
Klingons or Q
20. After fighting the Dominion he went and got a new
ship. After five years Kirk got the same ship with a
software upgrade.
21. When he say, "fire a spread of torpedeos" Worf
fires more than one
22. He managed to SAVE his son from the Klingons.
23. He actually realizes that there is no up and down
in space
24. Worf wouldn't live much longer if threatened to
kill Sisko where he stood
25. Q came to DS9 once and was scared away. He won't
leave Janeway or Picard alone.
26. Two words: Quantum Torpedeos
27. Sisko makes a better Klingon than Worf
28. Plays baseball instead of reading Shakespeare
29. Fought gentically engineered soldiers (Jem'Hadar)
in hand to hand and not only won but gained their
30. When he chases Maquis in to the badlands he doesn't
get lost
31. His XO fought the Cardassians and won.
32. His Bartender doesn't wear silly hats
33. When he opens fire nothing survives
34. His ship has armor.
35. He lets Worf get violent
36. Not only did he help build the Defiant he can cook
37. His son actually looks like him
38. He can get his unifroms tailored.
39. Destrying Klingon ships is a hobby
40. He has never been captured by the Cardies
41. O'Brien and Worf prefer him to Picard
42. When Admirals go crazy he holds them at phaser
point. Picard just talks to them in a stern voice
43. Starfleet listens to him instead of the other way
44. He was prophecied
45. He has fought enemies that would make Kirk cringe.
46. If you are lying he will tell you so.
47. Sisko was scared once. He didn't like it and has
never been since
48. He saves the Federation on a daily basis.
49. When someone betrays him he promises to hunt them
to the ends of
50. He knows what a hot dog is.
51. When he was only a commander he had the most
powerful ship in the fleet
52. Death is scared of him.
53. Kirk has to slingshot around the sun. Janeway and
Picard are sucked into temporal rifts. Sisko has an orb
that is safe, clean and quick.
54. He never had to steal his cloaking device
55. His XO looks good in leather.
56. Both janeway and Picard have been stuck in the
Delta Quad. Sisko know better
57. He holds a grudge
58. He always shoots to kill
59. When he gets angry he makes Klingons cry
60. Sisko saved Kirk's life from a tribble
61. He is a major figure of Earth History.. twice.
(Gabriel Bell and Ben Sisko).
62. Has crossed over into parallel universe.  Not
scared.  Did it again.
63. Avery is by far the best first name of a ST
Captain's actor.
64. Only person who doesn't get weak in the knees just
looking at Terry Farrell
65. Only person on DS9 not afraid of Kira
66. Used to hang out with Curzon Dax
67. Can throw a killer fastball.
68. Is a GOOD Dad

Anyone with anymore or improvements e-mail them to me.

Capt. Cronan Thompson

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