A Plain and Simple Series, #15

Review of DS9 "The Begotten"

(Cronan Thompson)


As follows are my observations on DS9's "The Begotten"
(or as I prefer to call it "Woogy Ooogy Boo Boo; Your a
good little changling huh?"):

The Good
1) Great chracter development for Odo. He really
developed in this episode. I thought it was
exceptionally well done. The course they took was well
choosen. Odo's feelings for Mora and about his
childhood have always been alluded to but at no time
were they as close to the surface as in this instance.
2) Brooks' finest performances seem to materialize when
he isn't straining to get a message across. In this
episode, when he appeared, his talents were utilized
very effectively. All of his scenes in this installment
were better than those in the Visitor.
3) The dialogue betwee Odo and Mora had a realistic
parent/child element to it. On many occasions, Trek has
dropped the ball in his particular intercharacter
relationship. It often gives me the feeling that the
personality taking part in the exchange is the actor
not the character they play. That is what often ruins
the attempts at true to life comunication between
parent and child. The feelings evident between Odo and
Mora were more tangible than any others I have caught
sight of in Trek.
4) Overall, this was a mediocre episode. I place this
here, with my good comments, because the script seems
to have been irresolute in what the narrative was
really yet the acting and, to a lesser degree, the
direction seemed to find a purpose, albeit not a very
good one.

The Bad
1) The utter bullshit of the Bajoran birth cerimony.
Come on. Enough with the chiming already.
2) Damn medical babble. It makes less sense than the
3) The birth of Keiko/Kira's baby wasn't as moving as I
4) I wanted Odo to stay human longer. He was really
interesting while torn and depressed. And he liked
bubbles. I love anyone who likes bubbles.
5) The majority of the scenes involving Kira, Keiko and
O'Brien were pretty bad. Although it, like everything
else I suppose, had its good points it didn't come
close to comparing to this weeks B5. I know most of the
people who will read this don't like B5 but I have to
compare then since they come on back to back. Everytime
one show does something beyond reproach it can really
shrink the value or impact of the other. Tonight's B5
was such a tremendous turning point with so much going
for it I just can't.
6. Is it just me or is Shaakar plaed by a really bad

The Wierd
1) Odo busted Mora down to size. That science fair
crack could have frozen an iceberg.
2) They should have had Worf deliver Keiko/Kira's baby.
He did a good job last time....
3) No Worf or Dax. What do you suppose they were doing?
And will it involve a protoplaster?
4) Am I the only person who thinks that Kira's first
name sounds like a Korean food?
5) I think DS9's producers and directors have realized
that Brooks' walk can ruin any scene. So they have him
stand stil then zoom in on his head. The only problem
with this approach is the glare will blind you if you
are at an angle to your TV.
6) When Odo became a changling again and he left that
pile of clothes on the ground....what happened to all
the waste and food that was left in his body? This, of
course, leads to the question: Is a changeling's ass
water tight?
7. I keep having strange thoughts during DS9 and
Voyager. Through most of Voyager I think about
Janeway's underwear. Not in a sick way mind you I just
keep wondering if in the future they have digital
shields and cool handles for when they ride up and
stuff. Do they use nanotechnology? Can they prevent you
from noxious odors from escaping? Do you ever need to
take them off? Okay it is sick.
        When I watch DS9 a similar but not nessecarily
related series of thoughts bombard me. When Worf is on
the Defiant what does he do? Does OJ like Trek? If so
does he enjoy seeing Dax bruised after encounters with
Worf? Do the wormhole aliens take naps? Does SF mandate
a nap time for all crew members? Why don't I take naps
more often? Do people who take naps worry about those
who don't? I have serious problems. Most of which will
probably require therapy of the electroshock variety.
        If you think my soul is doomed to eternal
everlasting fire then please......let me know what you

Comments, Queries and Salutations welcome
Capt. Cronan Thompson

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