A Plain and Simple Series, #33

Godzilla as a tragic comedy

(Cronan Thompson)


        Godzilla was a tragic comedy. The story of a
young hermaphrodite, unable to find fulfillment and
acceptance in hir homeland after being exposed to the
French, who journey to The City in hope of fame fortune
and finding a family. Once there, having run afoul of
the male-dominated media and military-industrial
complex must fight hir life using all the methods at
her disposal. Using the Subway and the evil arrogance
all heterosexual white males possess in abundance, she
manages to start he family only to be attacked by giant
phallic submersible vessels. Upon hir escape s/he find
that exploding flying phalli have killed her young. And
the French were involved. So of course she goes to the
Brooklyn Bridge and is assassinated by the
military-industrial complex's fear of strong non-male,
non-white characters.
        Of course I enjoyed it.

Plain and Simple Cronan

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